For some reason I thought this was of the same age as robot carnival, but it only takes a second before you realise that there is some very impressive animation and technical production at work here, including some impressive usage of computer graphics.

There are three `stories' within this movie and they are largely a foundation for atmosphere and experiments in visual appearance rather than being story vehicles. The first is `Magnetic Rose', (originally `her memories'?) which is richly atmospheric and beautifully designed, but quite weird. Following this is the simpler piece `stink bomb' which is visually impressive animation with a lot of action and a sort of black humor, but a very simple central story. Finally there is `Cannon Fodder' which is a very `European' looking animation, and is almost entirely an atmosphere piece. I won't give more story detail than that, because it would be too difficult to avoid spoilers and because the stories are fairly simple and almost secondary to the animation. Those who demand story or character driven anime, or who are allergic to any taint of `arty' animation might find this a somewhat empty experience, but most people will be sufficiently enthralled by the rich and unique production values to find this a very interesting experience. If nothing else the first story, magnetic rose, is impressive enough by itself to make the whole experience worthwhile. There is also a reasonable amount of action in the first two stories to keep the less cerebral audience members entertained. If nothing else this is one of those tapes you should see if you want to be able to hold your own in conversation with the `serious' anime fans.


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